Saturday, September 20, 2008

AFS link
This is the link to AFS's official blog site, where my blog in addition to blogs from many other AFSers is posted, if anyone's interested in checking it out.


Ok so here's what's been happening:
Today and Thursday I went skulling!!!!!!
Which was lots and lots of fun! And I'm learning German rowing commands.
Next weekend I have a retreat in the Black Forest!
I'm learning lots of German, and having an amazing time.
I found out that over fall break my family has planned a trip to my host father's home town in the mountains!
After that my host mother wants to take me to visit her sister in Munich for a few days!
Last weekend I got to visit the highest court in Germany.
I also went to the top of the tower on the Schloss (castle). From there you can see the begining of the Black Forest, and also the mountains in France!!!!! As well as all of the city of Karlsruhe (including the football stadium). It's gorgeous.
From there you can also see how extensive the Palace grounds are. There are the inner palace grounds and the outer palace grounds. The inner palace grounds are fenced in, but the outer apparently go on for several Kms.
Oh and a note about the photos
some are also of the Palace's Botanical Gardens (which are gorgeous)!!!
Hope everyone is doing well!!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


So these are all my pictures thus far!!!
Mostly of the Castle and the Castle grounds (which are enormous), but some clearly before I left, or while I was in D.C.
Hope everyone enjoys them!!!
P.S. Sorry they're in a kind of backwards order

My room
another part of my room
Another view of my room
Table of CBYXers
Another table of CBYXers
Jacob who was taking most of the photos, is actually in a photo!
At Cafe Mozart in D.C.
This is me before I left

So this is Paulina at the house before I left
(with Mandy ducking out in the background)

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Ok so I found out the deal about visiting
Before January= absolutely not
Before May= frowned upon but possible
After May= free for all
I know most of you visiting have schedules to work around but I hope something will work out
And absolutely positively get permission from AFS before the visit beacuse if not I'll be sent back home!
Can't wait to show those of you coming around Karlsruhe, because it is a very cool place!

One week

So I've been here one week and everything is going well!
Language class is very helpful ( and I can understand about half of what most people are saying now- at least in general conversation)
I visited the stables I will be riding at on Thursday, it is not very big but the horses are well kept, and there are jumps.
Also the instructor is my school secretary, and she said any time I want to ride I can just stop by the office and say 'I want to come today'. So this makes me very happy.
Last night I also additionally went to another stables with a neighbor last night, where I got to ride the horse she leases part time!
Monday I get to go to the rowing club!!!!!! :) :) :) :)
My family informed me that over Christmas break we will go skiing in Switzerland
As many of you know all though I've skiied twice before (the conclusion of the first ending with a broken arm) I'm very bad and quite the novice. My host mother, Oda, brushed this off saying "at least you've stepped in skis before"
Regardless of skiing I'm very excited for the trip!!!
Also I will have a week long vacation in October, that my host family says we will travel for!!!
I also met with my liaison, who is very nice, and she says that our 'chapter' of AFS has trips to France and so on planned for us!!!
I love Karlsruhe! The castle here is very beautiful (it is like a mini Versaille)
I will put up pictures later today after I visit "TheatreFest"
The girls in my school are very nice. When I told the student who has been translating for me that I wouldn't be back until October because of language school she said "That's very sad, but I'm glad you will be coming back!"
Also I have never eaten so much in my life!
I know Europe thinks every thing in Americs is supersized, but here is what a normal day in food is here:
Breakfast (for me, everyone in my family eats something different) : Bowl of Oatmeal (not cooked because in Germany that's pooridge)
"Snack": A full out sandwich
Lunch: A warm meal generally with pasta, a huge plate or "shallow bowl" full of it
After which I'm offered more to which I respond " Nein Danke"
To which my host father responds " Full all ready!"
After which I'm offered a cookie or chocolate bar, or some kind of dessert
Dinner: 2 pieces of bread with butter, cheese, and bacon or sausage
After which I again get a " Full again all ready!"
There is lots of down time in the afternoon, in which I read or practice German, or walk the dog, or go for a bike ride.
It's very interesting, and I'm enjoying it extraordinarily!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First Week

Hallo, Wie geht's?
Sorry just updating now. As was suggested by AFS I was trying to distance myself, however, I'm sure you all know I like to communicate as often as possible. Anyways here's what is happening!
Sunday I slept a very long time (in fact I missed breakfast). Then we went by bike into Karlsruhe. I got to see the castle, which is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been meeting many neighbors, and family friends.
Monday I went to school, and got my schedule. The number of courses I'm taking!
I'm taking physichs, chemistry, biology, science and technique (natural science), french, english, poilitics, geography, german, swimming, religion, music, art and some kind of math that I think is Precalc, but the title of the book doesn't translate, so I'll let you know once I figure it out! (clearly I didn't get to choose my classes).
I think it'll turn out fine though, hopefully it means good grades in at least physichs and chem (not to mention english)
School is very different here. You have a different schedule for every day of the week, and then it starts all over again (with the same schedule) the next week. The days not only have the classes in different orders, but the days are different lengths, so Mondays I have classes untill 4:30, but on Wednesday and Friday I only have classes until 1, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays until 2, so I don't have every class every day.
Also all of your classes are with the same people, which is good for being a new student, you make friends much quicker this way!
I went to school today and will go again tomorrow, altough right now I don't understand much. Thursday, however, I start language classes, and will not return to school until October, but then I will hopefully be able to understand what my teachers are saying to the rest of the class!
Thanks for all the emails, for those of you who asked, you're not writing too much, I greatly enjoy them! Sorry still no pics, I haven't taken mnay pictures yet,I need to get out more with my camera (once language school starts I'll have more freetime in the morning). Once I can go out on my own there will be plenty of pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!! I promise!!!!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

First Day

Just wanted to let everyone know I'm safely in Karlsruhe
Sorry no pics yet!
Everything is going well (but the z and y are reversed on the keyboard) my host family is super nice, and is being very helpful!
I did not get any sleep on the plane but i'm trying to stay awake today to properly adjust to the time change. Have a good weekend everybody!!!!!!

Friday, September 5, 2008


Hey everybody
Just some general information, I leave today at 5:23 for a United airlines flight to Frankfurt which will arrive at about 1:10 a.m. American time,
so I wouldn't expect a phone call when I land
Hope everything is going well there