Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ok so the moral of this story is I'm way too tired to write a full Berlin report. We did way too much to write it all down so I'm just gonna summarize the photos and then a couple sentences at the end :)
Secondly these are totally backwards, but oh well.
We totally started this dance party at culture fest in Berlin :)
Susan starting the dancing with this crazy old guy.
The awsome Swiss drumming group we were rocking out to.
Brandenburger Tor (Brandenburg Gate)
Hillary Clinton made a video for us CBYXers to tell us how important we are.
Roughly translated the sign reads: This synagouge is 100 years old.
And was on the Kristallnacht (night of broken glass) set on fire by the Nazis.
During World War II in the year 1943 it was destroyed by bombs.
This house of God should for all time stand as a place of warning and rememberance.
The board of the Jewish community of Berlin.
September 1966
Berlin Wall sinking.
The Berlin bears!!!!
Model of Berlin, everything built in the last 20 years is in white.
The Berlin Wall.
Amis hanging at
Brandenburger Tor at night.
Looking down from the top of the Reichstag (German Congress Buliding). I think it's awesome because it's made so that the people literally walk on top of where Congress is held. And it's made so that the Congress can constantly see them.
Again from the Reichstag.
"The Washing Machine"/Kanzleramt
The wierd horse thing in front of the train station. Like the one in Heidelberg!!!

So I got to hear part of a sitting in German Congress (Bundestag). I also got to see Angela Merkel, which was cool. I really came to appreciate her as a person. She came late to the session, and then proceeded to chew gum and talk with other members (while someone else was giving a speech). Some might find this offensive, but I find it very human and I like that.
I also got to go in the Kanzleramt, which is where Angela Merkel's office is.
I got to do a lot in Berlin it was all really fun. I thoroughly enjoyed it. We also went to a culture fest which was fun (as shown in the pictures).
I just had a really, really good time and although I'd love to write it all out. I'm exhausted and leaving for Rome tomorrow. Wish me luck!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Stuttgart and Tübingen

In the past two days I was in Stuttgart and then Tübingen.
I visited Chiara and Maridalys in Stuttgart yesterday. Wissaf, Arthur, Rebecca, Nehle and Melanie were all there too!!
We went out to eat, and then just hung out on the castle grounds. Took pictures, played volleyball and tag, and just talked. It was fun!!!
Then today I was in Tübingen (a small city near Stuttgart) with Oda and Tabea. We visited Herbert's oldest brother there. We went to the castle and then walked around the city, which I find very cute. We then went on a walk where we got to see many different types of Orchids.
Again, very good time.
Wednesday I leave for Berlin, very excited!!!!!!!!!

Between the whole bike thing and Jachenau

So I actually did stuff in between my biking accident and going to Jachenau. I just didn't manage to write a post about it. Although a little delayed here it is:
First off, the first of May is a holiday in Germany. It's the day almost every family goes out for a hike or bike tour or something outdoorsy
I went on a "hike" with my host family in the Pflaz. It was really nice weather. Hikes here in Germany are not what I would call a hike in the U.S. I know I've probably mentioned this before, but I just don't know what we would even call them in the U.S. Probably something along the lines of nature walk. Anyways it's a walk (maybe with hills) from restaurant to restaurant. On this particular day it was to four different restaurants. Where we stopped each time and had something to eat or drink. At one of these stops the adults took it apon themselves to say how strange it is in the U.S. that when we go hiking there are never any restaurants along the way. They all agreed (those that have been to the U.S. included) that they have no idea how we Americans can hike that way. I found this very amusing.
As said it was a gorgeous day though.There was a cool botanical garden on the walk. It even had a redwood!We even met a horse along the way. He was huge!!!(which you can't see in this picture) But really really big.
My next adventure was visiting Straßburgh and Europa-Parliment!!I must say I love hearing French spoken and knowing enough French to be able to help people order things in pastry shops. It was soooooooo much fun to see all the exchange students again, because we hadn't seen each other in a while actually.The pastry shops were, needless to say, amazing.
Europa-Parliment was really cool. We got to see the last session before the new officials are elected this June. We also got to see a couple of new bills passed.
Long story short it was a good time.
Oh and I of course went to visit (with other friends) my good friend the castle gardens :)