Sunday, June 7, 2009


So to put it shortly I took over 400 pictures of Rome although I only spent 3 nights there............
I'm not uploading all of them to the blog, but I'm planning on a pretty big number.
I'm also not going to be making captions for all of them.
I will, however, just start out by giving you all list of all the stuff we did/saw there:

-->Roman Forum and Palatines

-->Pantheon (twice)
Rafael's grave

-->Military Parade in front of the Capitol(wasn't planned, just happened to be the day we arrived)
Special Forces Unit
Horse Unit :)
The Capitol

-->Piazza Navona

-->Vatican City-Vatican Museums, Sistene Chapel, St. Peter's Cathedral
The pine cone courtyard
The Octoganol courtyard
The birth and death of Jesus, Michaelangelo's first and only signed piece
The dome of St.Peter's is high enough to fit the Statue of Liberty inside of it with 90 plus feet to spare....
Swiss Guards
St.Peter with the keys to Heaven

-->St.Angel's Castle (I'm not sure that's translated correctly, oh well)

-->Lots of churches (most of which names I don't remember, I know we were at least two St.Mary's and St.Ignatius Loyola)
SFA (St. Francis of Assisi)

-->Trevi's Fountain (twice)

-->Spanish Steps
St.Peter's from the Spanish Steps

-->The Jewish Ghetto from WWII

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